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Clash Royale! Why?

Clash Royale is a representative of the rather newer trend in mobile gaming. This trend being free-to-play mobile games with lots of micro-transactions to compensate for the lack of company income from game sales. Although this seems harsh and greedy, it is a good thing. This principle allows for players to choose whether to spend money on the game or not. It doesn't force you either way. If you want to skip the transactions part, you can and you will still get to the same power level as the other guy that uses them. The one key difference being time. Without the boosters provided from the in-game transactions it will take you longer to accomplish the task.

In Clash Royale you fight using cards. The game is a mix between a TCG and a Tower Defense. It is actually brilliant in its own way. You defend using towers and you attack your opponent using cards. These cards are obtained from victories on the battlefield of bought using one of the in-game currencies: gold and gems.

Gold is the games' standard currency, obtainable from the chests your opponent drops when he is defeated and from the in-game store by using the premium currency. It is used for most of your card and upgrade acquisitions. Gems is the games' premium currency, obtainable from the store by spending IRL money and is used for obtaining the rare items in the game and as a replacement for gold (of course the ratio is quite large).

Using these currencies, your goal in the game is to amass as much wealth as possible as we all know that with any game that involves strategy, the player with the higher economy backing his attacking forces usually wins. Numbers are highly important in any games that use the stats system and Clash Royale is no exception.

Whichever path you take to the top, be prepared for long grindings for better cards and higher upgrades. However, please do not mistake my criticism for me being disillusioned with the game. The journey is what matters most, not the destination. This maxim has been around for most of humanity, and it still stands true today.

The best and most used strategies for in-game:

If this way is not very appealing to you either, you can try our chosen way - by the use of our guiding book!

We present the clash royale guidebook

From our extensive research into the subject, we have pulled together most of our findings into one well-formed guidebook. By following this book, we hope to explain the inner workings of this game and how you could best achieve victory within it as well as over it. Unlike most other walkthroughs, guides and the like, this one is highly encompassing in its spectrum of information, and yet put together in such a way as to allow for an easy read and easy understanding of the core subject. Of course during our investigations we were highly thorough and careful not to end up in any kind of breach of the rules simply because we wanted to make sure that you feel secure in using this guide without any unwanted complications.



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