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Clash Royale! Why?

First, let us start off by telling you that this isn't an overview nor an explanation of the game. This is an exhaustive explanation of how you can WIN at this game. However, some considerations have to be given to the people that haven't yet been introduced to the game. Therefore, here is a quick overview:

Clash Royale is a mobile game that features a card based PVP brawl. What this means is, in layman's terms, using cards of varying strengths and weaknesses to fight a match against another player. The rewards are in-game currency and special chests that give new cards and resources. The in-game currency is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Gold, the standard game currency, used in almost every transaction you will make,
  2. Gems, the premium game currency, that you can obtain mainly by buying it for money, although it can be dropped in-game (though sparingly) and that is used as a substitute for gold, or for obtaining the highest tier of cards.

Clash Royale, at its core, is a numbers game. The one with a higher number of resources gets to win the game. It is as simple as that. Once your opponent  amasses sufficient resources, the war you fight is less about tactics and more about attrition. HE can afford to lose some part of his forces. YOU cannot. In order to avoid that scenario, one must strive to always have as many resources as possible. One way to get them fast is by simply buying them at the game's shop in exchange for money. This is thought of as a major but necessary weak point in the game, as it encourages a pay to win style of gaming and is considered by many as an unfair type of system. And yet it is the system by which many modern mobile games sustain themselves financially. But to each his own, we say.

For those that don't or can't use this game system, there are other ways. One such way is to grind your way to the top step by step, painstakingly increasing your fortune one gem at a time. A very arduous journey, full of traps and pitfalls that can push you some ways back in your effort to reach the top, if you are not very careful.

The best and most used strategies for in-game:

If this way is not very appealing to you either, you can try our chosen way - by use of a modified clash royale private hack application.

Pros and cons of the clash royale apk

This type of application has surfaced recently on many major forums around the world. A clash royale private server hack mod is the only explanation they gave for this apk that will completely help you to build your skills to maximum. And it got our attention simply with the fact that the explanation was so vague. Of course we were worried it was a trick at first, so we set up a secure controlled environment for our new test subject. The results were... unexpected to say the least. We were expecting either a virus, or at the best a weak imitation of the currently existing hacks that are already becoming obsolete. What we got back though was an unexpected bounty - a fully working mod for the game that enables you to speed up the level of resource grinding up to 11, so to speak.

One such application can be found on this very site here as an example of how one such app works. It is simple, it is clean, and best of all, it is safe to use. In addition to that, it is capable to be run on iOS, Android and Desktop PC.


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