We would like to share some quick tips for you that we had use of while playing the game:

  1. Take care of your offense way more than your defense! This trick is very useful for the matter that when you are focusing on attacks, the enemy will not have the time to defend himself and he won’t be capable of returning the attack.
  2. Concentrate twice the same when the timer tick the 60+ second, the elixirs are filling *2 and you have to take best advantageĀ it.
  3. Mix your cards. Have hard melee attackers and few range so that the ones that will be with more HP absorb the damage while the range do the damage!
  4. Send emoticons to your enemy every now and then to keep him distracted from the real game. This is kinda funny thing, but it really helps when you want to keep him lose control for a second in a very important part of the battle.

It is very important for you to find the right strategy and tactic that you can rely on. Every gamer can not work with the other’s card loot. It is really important that you play games and try each cards combination until you find your favorite one. And just remember, do not get demotivated when you lose, just keep the head up and continue the battles!

Wish you best of luck!