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Always on everyone’s mind is “I want to win the game“, without actually stopping to consider the steps one should take to make this a reality. We mentioned on our main site that the player with higher number of resources and cards is set to win. That is true, although there are a few exceptions to that rule. For example you can try to outsmart your opponent , or force him in an unwinnable situation etc.
For our part, we want to help you improve your game even if you have a normal influx of resources. Here are a few tips and tricks that we think you may find helpful:

1. Do not use one card deck for everything – A lot of people use one deck to play both ladder and tournament games. The thing is, you cannot make one deck to counter them all, so what most players do is specialize in one set of cards. However cards that can have a major impact on the ladder games don’t necessarily have an impact on the tournament game. So try to switch it up, have several decks ready and use the appropriate one at the opportune time.
2. Practice against different decks first –┬áThis continues from the previous tip. You need to experience firsthand what kinds of decks are there, what works against what, and what doesn’t. Then and only then you can prepare your own decks properly and know which one when you should use.
3. Don’t play with too many hard-counters – Hard counter cards are good only against one type of cards. When playing with a counter-deck, be sure that your opponent fights with the right deck, otherwise all your careful card selection becomes void.
4. Play anti-meta – When playing tournaments and challenges, don’t rush to make a meta card deck. Since it is meta, many players will try to make a counter deck to that one just because they know the majority of players play with the meta deck.

We hope these tips will make your game more enjoyable and that you will have lots of success in the coming tournaments.

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